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You are running a business or agency in a difficult regulatory environment. The first step is making sure your business is set up for success. Our Standard Operating Procedure Templates have been written with years of experience in cannabis compliance. You will receive all the documentation for procedures necessary to win and keep your operational marijuana license.

Next, we have the Cannabis Operational Training Course - a two-day, 8-hour intensive schedule to review all areas of cannabis operational compliance. Day One is 5-hours of classroom instruction to review federal, state, county and city requirements as well as 15 compliance categories and operational statistics. Day Two starts with two compliance reviews at a Medical Dispensary and 40,000 sq ft Cultivation Center. Our empirical-evidence based training is the industry's best.

Once fully operational, the Adherence SCORE App is an automated software platform that you can use to assess licensed cannabis operations to ensure they are compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. Use the software to identify areas for improvement, as a training system and knowledge-base, and avoid fines you may incur if those areas aren't addressed.

Operational Compliance Data: how and where do marijuana businesses fail? Adherence has aggregated, proprietary inspection data from hundreds of licensed compliance inspections. Adherence has more operational compliance data than any company in the world. We are Big Data for marijuana compliance. Learn from the experts today.

Trust the leader in cannabis compliance software, data and services.  Trust Adherence Compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Products 

Adherence Compliance is the market leader in automated regulatory compliance and revenue assurance services for the cannabis industry.

Standard Operation Procedure Document Checklist

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Starting a marijuana business or need to update operational procedures for all federal, state and local rules and requirements? 

Adherence SCORE App for Owner Operators


Through the use of the SCORE App, Adherence provides the most thorough regulatory compliance libraries in the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Data

Where do marijuana businesses fail most often? What are the top infractions and violations for 15 compliance categories? Adherence is the data leader.