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Welcome to a preview of Adherence Compliance Data and our published list of the top infractions encountered when inspecting marijuana businesses. 

The resources below are compiled from more than 500 assessments on licensed cannabis businesses in multiple states.  Want to know where and how marijuana businesses fail?  Avoid fines, violations and administrative actions. Save tens of thousand$ today.

Before digging into the compliance data we know and trust, an important disclosure:

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Top 5 Marijuana Cultivation Center Infractions

Top 5 Marijuana Cultivation Center Infractions

The cannabis industry is one of the most highly regulated business environments in the world, on par with financial services, gaming and health care regarding the depth and complexity of the regulatory framework.

Cannabis compliance can be a highly complex endeavor subject to many pitfalls. Where do cultivation centers fail? What are the areas to avoid to limit your liability?  Click below to learn more now.

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Infractions

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Infractions

Where do manufacturers and infused producers fail in terms of regulatory compliance?  These licenses are the most complex to operate and manage.

Top 5 Marijuana Inventory & Financial Infractions


Managing inventory in the marijuana industry is a complex endeavor. Inventory is revenue and revenue equals taxes. Compliant?

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Infractions

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Compliance with medical dispensaries (and retail stores) is multi-faceted.  Are your operations, staff, inventory and dispensing procedures causing you unforeseen liabilities and concerns?

Top 5 Security Surveillance Infractions

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Some of the costliest violations for marijuana businesses are related to inadequate security and surveillance systems in licensed marijuana operations.



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