Marijuana Business Compliance Assessments

Established in 2014, Adherence Compliance performs cannabis compliance assessments as a service for licensed marijuana businesses, government regulators, banks, insurance providers, REITs and more!

Using the Adherence SCORE App, we use "boots on the ground" to collect information at the source, providing the most accurate compliance data possible. Our innovative software provides access to the most current regulatory requirements and removes the guesswork.

Are you ready for compliance inspections?

Adherence Compliance Inspections Provide:

  • A real-time view into your operational compliance with city, county and state requirements with our first-of-its-kind License-Based Risk Score and Detailed Compliance Reports
  • New Dashboard to see Scores, Reports and Stats!
  • Training to employees on compliance requirements
  • A compliance baseline (score) to track and improve
  • A preview into potential violations, fines and penalties

Reduce Operational Risk, Fines and Penalties from:

Federal Agencies

Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); Dept. of Labor; Dept. of Agriculture; Consumer Protection Act and more.

State Agencies

Licensed Premise; Marijuana Testing; Labeling & Packaging, Transport; Revenue; Inventory Reconciliation; Public Health & Safety; Security; Business Records Required; Surveillance and more.

City & County

Police, Fire, Public Health and Safety, Use and Special Permits, Licensing, Fire, Zoning, Occupational, Taxation and more.  

What’s Your Score?”  Find out now with Detailed Compliance Reports

  • The SCORE App evaluates 250+ regulatory requirements per inspection (license type)
  • We calculate your license-based SCORE & provide a Detailed Compliance Report
Detailed Compliance Report

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