Cannabis Banking Compliance Program

Marijuana Banking Compliance Program

More than 300 banks and credit unions are now banking marijuana accounts.

  • Are you currently banking marijuana accounts?
  • Are you considering banking marijuana?
  • Is the marijuana business compliant with federal, state, county and city rules and regulations?
Cannabis Banking Program | Adherence Compliance

5-Step Banking Compliance Program offers:

SCORE App - regulatory compliance app | Adherence Compliance

Adherence SCORE App

  1. Application Processing, Screening & Acceptance
  2. Account Setup & Reporting
  3. Routine Compliance Monitoring
  4. Secure Cash Management & Deposit Verification
  5. Ongoing Due Diligence & Compliance Training

AML — BSA — Cole Memo — FinCEN — SARs — KYC 

​Avoid unnecessary and expensive “cannabis banking” software and implement a holistic compliance monitoring program that is built and optimized for regulatory banking authorities and inspections.


We can help you set up an effective program and pass regulatory scrutiny.

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How to Bank a Marijuana Account - A Compliance Guide for Financial Institutions

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