Government Regulator Program

Cannabis Compliance Programs for Government Regulators

Adherence Compliance - Regulatory Solutions

  • City, County and State Compliance Programs
  • Standardized Process and Methodology
  • Track All License Types and Businesses
  • Evidentiary Support with Notes & Photos
  • Detailed Reports, Statistics and Trends
  • Operational Compliance Training Included
  • Manage All Compliance Libraries Online

Adherence Compliance offers Two Program Options for our Regulatory Partners:

Option 1:  Internal Agency Compliance Program

This option leverages in-depth Adherence Training Services and the Adherence SCORE App to empower the regulatory agency's internal team to conduct their own compliance inspections. The agency actively manages the Compliance Program with Adherence support and maintenance. Agencies can leverage industry-leading compliance software immediately.

Option 2:  Outsourced Compliance Program

This option provides an outsourced compliance program and leverages Adherence inspectors to conduct compliance inspections on behalf of the regulatory agency. Adherence actively manages the program for the city, county or state agency and provides routine support, program reviews and operational assessments. Leverage our experts today.

Both programs offer operational compliance training, regulatory code reviews and automated software to manage compliance libraries. Our programs include monthly, quarterly and annual compliance data and reports, along with options for local of software instances and data storage.

Pricing and proposal templates are available to regulatory agencies upon request.

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