Who Needs the Adherence Compliance SCORE App?

Owner/Operators: Monitor and track compliance, train employees, reduce risk and simplify compliance management so you can focus on your business.

Banks & Insurance Companies: Accurately quantify risk with cannabis-specific inspections, due
diligence and ongoing Know Your Customer requirements and efforts.

Certified Resellers: Start or expand your business by using the Adherence Compliance SCORE App to build a cannabis compliance services offering, or earn recurring revenue by re-selling the SCORE App to others.

Regulatory Authorities: Automate, simplify, standardize and easily document in detail cannabis compliance enforcement efforts, train enforcement officers and support a robust regulatory framework that protects communities, maximizes tax revenue and keeps cannabis businesses out
of the hands of criminals.

What’s Your Score ?

Find out now with our compliance Reports

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The score app evaluates over 250 regulatory requirements per assessment. Along with providing detailed compliance reports.

Cannabis audit reports | compliance software | AdherenceCompliance.comWe calculate your license-based Risk score used by regulators and banks. Our Compliance regulations are continually updated with federal state and local requirements

Adherence Compliance provides an automated, repeatable and continually updated software solution and services to simplify management of regulatory compliance for cannabis businesses.